With Miss Parnell, Mrs Lok and Mrs Lowe

Class 6: Our School Day

Arrive between 8:35am - 8:45am

Home Time: 3:15pm 

Class 6 SATs timetable 2024

Homework: Learning logs in Summer 1   

Week 1 Produce a fact file about Nina Simone. Inc. instruments she played and some of her famous songs.

Week 2 Find out about some achievements and inventions during the Early Islamic civilisation.

Week 3 Design a poster about how light travels.

Week 4 Label body parts in French

Week 5 Would you like to live forever?

Week 6 Let’s start rehearsing! Time to learn your lines!

Summer 1

The Golden Age of Islam


This is a history topic.

We will be using a range of sources to find out where and how the Early Islamic Civilisation began and explore life in Baghdad during that time.  We will then identify some of the achievements of the Early Islamic Civilisation and the impact of these on life today.  We will also compare how life was similar and different in Britain and the Islamic Empire in 900AD.


Have a look at these websites/videos:

BBC Bitesize - When and where was the Early Islamic civilisation?

Lumen Learning - The Islamic Golden Age

BBC Teach - Baghdad 900AD, the Golden Age of Islam




We are going to start the term reading 'How to live forever' by Colin Thompson.

Our Writing Publications (so far)

Autumn Spring Summer

Newspaper Report: The War in Ukraine


Inspired by the books we have read and our geography research, we wrote and presented persuasive speeches about climate change to the rest of school. Click the links to listen.

Discussion: What are the positive impacts of migration? In our music lessons we have composed rainforest soundscapes. What better way to bring them to life than narrate them with our rainforest setting descriptions. Click here to listen.  
Inspired by 'The Boy at the Back of the Class', we wrote own story opening imagining a refugee's journey from their homeland. Click here to read our finished publications. We wrote formal letters to Sir David Attenborough to thank him for his outstanding career and the way he has inspired us. We were very excited to receive a reply from Sir David himself!  
In our second writing unit we wrote the endings to our own twisted fairy tale. We have used our word processing skills to type and publish our work in our class book. Click here to read it. For our second writing unit this term, we delved into the Land of Oz. We have handwritten letters home from Dorothy to Aunt Em and Uncle Henry to tell all about her adventures.   
We wrote and published our setting descriptions for our own twisted fairy tale. Click here to read them. We loved reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and wrote a story excerpt in the same style: Aslan's Fate. Click here to read it. Our first writing unit is to write a prequel to a fantastic story, How to Live Forever, by Colin Thompson.


Have a go at practising your weekly spellings with these three fun games (below).


More spelling practice: Spellings for Year 6 | Spelling Ninja