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This page is to help children find their class links quickly, if they are learning from home. 

Remember to look at your Year Group page and the Fun Stuff page for links too.       

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If you have any queries, please email I will try to answer emails as quickly as possible between 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday. 


  • There are many videos online to help. Miss Amy French RWI phonics is a YouTube playlist which will support your child's phonics knowledge and is in a format familiar to them. Many other phonics videos are available.
  • If you need support understanding how phonics works, please watch this video: Understanding Phonics. You can also watch this video to understand how to read the sounds.
  • Phonics Play is a fun website with games. You can log in using the username "march20" and the password "home". This will be accessible for free until October 21st. Once you have logged in, please click on 'resources'.

Reading and Writing

  • Read to your children and find opportunities for them to read too. Topmarks is an excellent website with many reading games (alongside many other educational games). Oxford Owl is a great site for eBooks. Phonics practice will also help them improve their reading abilities.
  • Support your child by encouraging them to write. It can be about anything at all! Lists, stories, labelling pictures... it's all helpful in developing their hand strength and therefore their handwriting. Encourage them to use 'fred talk' to spell words and allow them to be as creative as they wish. 


  • The fundamentals of maths are essential. Please ensure your child understands numbers to 20 (if this is not possible yet, up to 10 is very helpful too.) Support them to understand one more and one less than any given number between 0-20 and which numbers are greater than others. 
  • Great maths games are available here.
  • The school has also signed up to Mathletics. In order to access the great resources, you will need to contact Ms Moujaes to get your child's login and password. Please email
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