‘A high-quality history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world’

 National Curriculum, DfE 2014

This page has been created for parents, carers and pupils to celebrate learning within school, and to inform you of upcoming history topics. We hope you enjoy it!

At St James' Church of England Primary School, we recognise that the teaching of history helps to prepare our students to be active and informed citizens. Children can learn so much by looking closer at the past. Not only does it give them a glimpse of how things used to be, but it can teach them things that are important for life today.  We give children opportunities to critically interpret and evaluate a range of sources including educational visits.

If children wish to continue to study history in the future, jobs include: museum curator, archaeologist, teacher, conservation officer, archivist, researcher, librarian, reporter and many more...

Have a look at some of the wonderful, historical learning happening around our school...

As part of Class 5's Industrial Revolution, Local history study, they visited Park Bridge. They used map techniques to follow the park bridge heritage trail and found so many amazing historical buildings and ruins. They also found a quarry where workers collected slate. There were so many interesting places in the area including the old gas works, the terraced houses where workers lived, the Lees family mansion and machinery from the iron works. The class especially enjoyed looking at the structure of bridges to see what makes them strong as they have been trying to make bridges from paper (in class). What a fantastic day! 

Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed learning about Anglo Saxon crime and punishment. They were transported back in time and made decisions about whether people were guilty (G) or innocent (I) of crimes. Punishments were given and agreed by the class. 

Celebrating Black History Month