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  Welcome to Year Five

Mrs Wilde, Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Malik help the children in Year 5 with their learning

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Things to bring to school

Every day:  reading/homework diary and reading book

Wednesday – Completed learning log (homework)

 Wednesday - PE Kit (come to school in your PE kit on Wednesdays)

Friday - shoes for outdoor sports


There will be a learning log challenge that will be set every Wednesday, which should be returned to school the following Wednesday.  

Children are given spellings (every Monday) to learn at home. They need to remember them for the spelling test on Friday. Here is the link for the spellings for the year: SPELLING LINK

We also expect that the children will be spending time reading and learning their times tables and/or working on 'My Maths' and IXL at home.  I will also set quizzes on Teams.

We ask that you initial all completed homework for your child in their homework diaries. Thank you.

Spring 2

(Monday 22nd February 2021 -  Thursday 1st April 2021)

Extreme Earth

Work for this half term

If your (Year 5) child is at home please follow this weekly topic list and use the links for resources:

Maths work

Week 1 Time, including timetables and time problems    

Work link: Time Worksheet

Week 2  Statistics    Work on My Maths  Bar Charts Revision

Week 3 - 6 Fractions.    Video lessons on 'my maths'   Work link: Comparing Fractions

Work link: Equivalent Fractions

English work 

Week 1 -2  'Scoop'  by Cathy Tincknell

Click the links:  Biography study -  All About Jane Goodall

Week 3 -4 The Water Horse    Link: Water Horse Trailer

Link 2: Newspaper Articles

Week 6  Poetry - Bringing the Rain to the Kapiti Plain   

Link 2:  Bringing the Rain to the Kapiti Plain

Ongoing Spelling: Go to the 'Spelling App' in 'fun stuff' 

Topic Work 

The topic this half term is Extreme Earth

Login to Discovery Espresso - login and learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes!

 Espresso guide

Science - Follow these links:

Week 1 -Lifecycle of a Bird 

Week 2 - Life cycle of an insect

Week 3 - Life Cycle of a mammal

Week 4 - Comparing Life Cycles

We will be studying:

  • All about extreme natural events, such as: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornados
  • In computing, we will be learning how to use Microsoft Excel 
  • In French, we will be learning how to ask for directions and talk about where we live
  • In PSHCE: Staying safe


Week 1 -  Investigate an environmental issue

Week 2 -  Find out about Mount Etna

Week 3 -  Describe the life cycle of a frog

Week 4 -  Who is David Attenborough and why is he famous?

Week 5 -  Make a poster of ‘things around us’ in French

Week 6 -  Find out different musical instruments

Children will have the homework explained to them before they bring it home. Labels will be in their homework books. Thank you for helping them learn at home! You help is appreciated. 

Do you want to do extra maths at home?!

Here is the link to White Rose Maths, which is the scheme  we use in school - linked to Power Maths. 

There are loads of activities in here and you can choose the appropriate level to do.

Don't forget to look our for your weekly activity on TEAMS!

If you are interested in First Aid, there is a free online course for children and parents.

Just click the links to access: First Aid part 1

First Aid part 2

Our class prayers

 At lunch time:

For health and strength and daily food, we thank you God.



At the end of the day:

Now the day is over, we lift our hands and say,

Thank you heavenly Father/God - for today,

We're sorry for the wrong things, but glad about the right,

Keep us heavenly Father/God, in your love tonight. 


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