Miss Matthews and Miss Somers help us to learn in nursery.  This term we are learning about the Animal Kingdom.

At home...

Here are some ideas of things you can do together at home to support your child's development and learning:

  • Learn to recognise their own name. You could show things with their names on or write down their names for them. 
  • Practise writing their first name. 
  • Practise counting! This can be counting birds in the park, counting plates for dinner time or counting objects they can find. 
  • Encourage drawing, colouring, using chalks, painting - mark making is very important for early writing.
  • Sing Nursery Rhymes and counting songs.
  • Spot patterns, compare sizes, find shapes and use fingers to show numbers to practise maths skills.
  • Point out numbers when you are out and about, like door numbers or on buses. Ask or tell them what numbers you can see!
  • Read simple stories often. Allow your child to learn the story and repeat it as you read.

During the year we will learn the picture cards from Read, Write, Inc. This is the phonics programme used throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1. You can practise these picture sounds at home with your child. Show your child the picture cards and ask them to name the picture.  For example, for 'a', your child might say 'apple', 'a-a-apple' or 'round the apple, down the leaf'. This is perfect!
We learn all our picture cards before we learn pure sounds, like 'a', and before we write the letters.