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Mrs Wilde and Mrs Richards 


Class 3: Our School Day

Arrive between 8:35am - 8:45am

Home Time: 3:15pm 

General information

  • Please can you ensure that children bring their reading diary every day. You will find their weekly spellings, passwords and comments in them. 
  • PE is on Wednesday with coach Jake. Please can children come to school in their PE kit and bring their uniform to change into after PE. 
  • Homework is given out every Friday. You will find a sticker in their learning log. It needs to be returned by the following Wednesday please. More information about homework is further down on this page. 

Spring 2

Monday 19th February 2024 - Wednesday 27th March 2024

Our European Neighbours

This is a geogrpahy topic.

We will be learning about the continent of Europe to gain a greater understanding of our European neighbours. We will focus on The Campania Region of in Southern Italy. The capital of this area is Naples, which is near to Mount Vesuvius – an active volcano! 

We are very lucky to have a link to a lovely primary school in Italy. The children will be making supervised contact with them to learn about their lives. 

We also have a fieldwork visit to Silver Springs Orienteering so we can practice our map skills!



This half term, we will be learning:


Writing: Leon and the Place Between by Graham Baker-Smith (fiction).

During this fiction unit, children will be writing a setting descritption using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. 

Our non-fiction unit focus is based on Travel for Kids Campania Italy

During this non-fiction unit, children will be writing persuasive letter to a friend. They will try to convince them to visit Campania (a region in Italy). They will use persuasive techniques such a emotive language and rhetorical questions in their letters. 

Reading: Complete Comprehension - a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 


Power Maths Book B

Week 1: Measures

Week 2-4: Fractions 

Week 5-6 - Scale and measures


This half term is a geography topic. 

  • Explore Europe and then focus on Italy.
  • Zoom in on Naples and Campania. 
  • Learn to read maps including basic Ordnance Survey symbols. 
  • Compare Campania to Derbyshire. Are there any similarities/differences? 
  • Consider areas of outstanding natural beauty and/or places with cultural significance why we should protect them. 
  • Orienteering at Silver Springs 


This half term, we are continuing to learn all about plants.  

Other subjects:

Computing - Branching Databases

French - Unit 4: Jacques et les haricots magiques

Religious Education - Unit 2A Why do Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’?

Art - Develop as an artist: sketching and drawing

PSHE - Healthy Me                                                

Children are asked to complete two tasks for homework.

The first one is a learning log (see list below) that they can present in any way they like. The second task is a short revision activity. This second activity should only take them a short time to complete. Learning logs will be marked and returned each week.

Remeber you can use the links provided to help you.   


Homework: Learning logs in Spring 2


Week 1 – Make a quiz about Europe for your friend

Let's explore Europe - BBC Bitesize


Week 2 – Find out ways to be healthy

What do humans need to be healthy? - BBC Bitesize


Week 3 – Create an Italy fact sheet

KS2 Italian: Living in Italy - BBC Teach


Week 4 – What is Ramadan? 

What is Ramadan and when does Ramadan happen? - BBC Bitesize


Week 5 – Design your own island using map symbols

Mapzone | Ordnance Survey


Week 6 – How/why do Christians celebrate Easter?

What is Easter? When is Easter 2024? - BBC Bitesize


You can include writing, drawings, printings, cuttings, colours, different paper flaps - anything you like in your learning log task (above).  

Please remember to complete the second task as it will help you to remember what we have been learning in class. It should only take you ten minutes to complete it. 


Notices - including Educational Visits

  • We have arranged a visit to Poole's Cavern in Buxton for Friday 3rd November 2023. We will leave school at 8.40am and return for home time at 3.15pm. Children on packed lunch will bring their usual food and people on school dinners will be provided with a packed lunch fro school. There is a guided tour around the cavern and a 'treasure hunt' in the Wild Woods. 
  • We will be going to Cineworld, Ashton Cinema on 9th Nov 2023, from 10:00 - 11:45 to see 'Early Man'. We will be back for lunch. 
  • We will be going orienteering in Spring 2. I will add more detail once the transport is booked.

Autumn 1: Sticks and Stones


In English we will be studing Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamora, The Secrets of Stonehenge by Mick Manning and Live like a Hunter Gatherer by Naomi Walmsley. We will be learning to use adjectives; adverbs; commas for lists; appropraite layout; plus how to improve and edit our writing.      

Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

For reading, we use 'Complete Comprehension' so we know how to: retrieve, summarise, infer, predict, compare and many other skills for reading! 

We follow a spelling programme suited to the needs of the children. Spelling strategies buid up year on year. You will find the focus for the week and the spelling list in the children's reading diary. 


For mathematics, we use the government recommended 'Power Maths' scheme. 

Week 1-3: Place Value 

Week 4-7:  Addition and subtraction


This half term, we will be studying rocks and soils. 

Other Subjects

Religious Education: Christianity - Creation

Design Technology: Pneumatic Toys

PSHCE: Jigsaw - Being me in my world 

Computing: Word processing

French: Je me présente (all about me) 

Our Class Prayers


For health and strength and daily food, we thank you God. Amen.



At the end of the day, we would like to say,

Thank you God for a lovely day. Please keep us safe 'till the morning. Amen.

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You are welcome to email with any comments, questions or concerns at:

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