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Hello Class 3! 

We hope you and your family are all safe and well at home.

Eid Mubarak! 

Have a lovely 2 week rest from school work now.

However, if you get bored, you can still try any of the English, maths and topic work below...

Some might be online games and some might be work that can be completed in your home exercise books.

Try and set out your work neatly like you would do in school, for example, starting with the date and title.

Have fun!

Mrs Lok & Mrs McGrath

Please email us with any questions or to show us some of your wonderful work! 


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English activities for week beginning 18.5.20:

 This week, work through some of the activities from this Talk for Writing Year 3 Pack.  There are a lot of fun activities for you to do that will help you with your writing skills and build on the work you do at school.  You can do an activity a day in your books.


  • BUG CLUB IS BACK! Bug-Club-logo | Dame Tipping CofE Primary School 

Bug Club is your own page where you can read online books at the reading level you are reading in class.  

To get started, click on the Bug Club logo above and it will take you to the log in page.

Your username is your first name (Remember to start with a capital letter!)

The password is: year32020

The school code is: M9p6

It should now take you to your own personal page. Click on 'My Stuff' on your page to start reading!


  • Spelling Mistakes Pack - See if you can spot the spelling mistakes and correct them.  Choose one page at a time to do.


  • Keep a diary of what you have been up to over the week.  There's no need to write about every day.  Remember capital letters and full-stops!  



  • Read as much as you can!

We have created a class account so you can access FREE ebooks online and do lots of other useful activities.

Please go to:

Then go to 'My class login' button in the top right corner

Username: lokstjames 

Password: year3


New activities for week beginning Monday 1st June

  • Using the Power Maths scheme that we usually use in school, work through one lesson a day.
  • Each lesson links nicely with the BBC Bitesize videos and games which you can look at before you complete the work in the workbook.
  • Click here to open the Power Maths Year 3 page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, tick the box and press 'Continue'.  Click on the book icon and select the Power Maths Year 3 Practice Book Summer Home Edition.

  •  WEEK 4 - p.52 - 67 'Fractions'. 

    Monday - Fractions as numbers (1)

    Tuesday - Fractions as numbers (2)

    Wednesday - Fractions as a set of objects (1)

    Thursday - Fractions as set of objects (2)

    Friday - Maths challenge (On BBC Bitesize page, select the Weekly Maths Challenge box) 




  • Go on TT Rockstars (on the Fun Stuff page) to practise your times tables! (Email us if you have lost your log-in details).




  • 1) Light Sources - We see things when light enters our eyes.  Some objects make their own light. We call these objects 'light sources'.  Read through this sheet and complete the activity.  If you don't have a printer, just split your page in half and draw and label the pictures in the correct column.
  • 2) Light Sources & Reflectors - Light sources create light, like the sun.  A reflector is something that reflects light, like a mirror.  Read through this sheet and complete the activity.
  • 3) Transparent, Translucent, Opaque - This sheet will explain what these scientific words mean and has an investigation for you to try at home.
  • 4) Forming Shadows - Read through this sheet which explain how light travels and how shadows are formed.  Have a go at making your own shadows.
  • *New*   5) Making a Sundial - This week, (if the sun comes back out!) have a go at making a sundial by following the instructions here.


TOPIC  Ancient Rome for Kids and Teachers - Ancient Rome for Kids

  • This term we would have been learning about THE ROMANS! See what you can find out about them and present your research like you would do in your Learning Logs for homework, using pictures, writing, cut-outs, booklets, etc.  Here are some websites to help you:

Some topics/questions you might like to think about are:

  • Who were the Romans and where did they come from?
  • When, why and how did they come to Britain?
  • Who were the Celts?
  • Roman Food and Drink
  • The Roman Army
  • What did the Romans wear?
  • What did the Romans do for Britain?
  • Roman Entertainment
  • Who was Boudicca?
  • Roman Buildings and Engineering

Please email us your wonderful finished work! 

We would love to see them and share them on this page!


  • FRENCH - See if you remember how to say numbers to 30 in French, then learn up to 50 by following the video above.  


  • R.E. - Eid Mubarak! Many of you would have celebrated over the weekend.  If you did, write a diary entry of how you celebrated at home, what you wore, what you had to eat, etc.  If you don't celebrate Eid, read this Eid PowerPoint presentation and have a go at the activities on it. 


  • COMPUTING - Click on this link which will take you to many Computing activities you can do at home.


  • MUSICIf you have a Facebook account, you can take part in a live music lesson, every Friday at 2pm.


Click the link above every Friday for a new Family Challenge.


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