St James' Church of England Primary School

Together in faith, we are a winning team.

  Mrs Thomas, Mrs Bashir and Mrs Cooper

would like to welcome you to Class 1!

 Here is the Year 1 Class Room

Our topic this half term is...        Once upon a time

We will be reading traditional stories. Hear are some of the books we will be reading;

Flip-Up Fairy Tales: Three Billy Goats Gruff - Scholastic ShopLittle Red Riding Hood: Ladybird Touch and Feel Fairy Tales (Ladybird  Tales): Ladybird,: 9781409304494: BooksThe Gingerbread Man (Ladybird Favourite Tales): Ladybird:  9780721415390: BooksThe TRUE story of The Three Little Pigs. Characters The First Little Pig-  Built his house out of straw The Second Little Pig- Built his house out of  sticks. - ppt download

We will be drawing pictures from the stories using different types of pencils. We will be writing labels and sentences using our phonics. 


Listen to the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


We are learning about different animals, grouping animals together that are similar, naming parts of animal bodies. We will also learn about the foods animals eat.


Animal groups 



Fish Are Shrinking - Nexus Media NewsThe physical appearance of sharks | Britannica
  •  Fish live in water.
  • have scales.
  • they have fins.
  • they have gills to breath under water.
  • they lay eggs.
amphibians Frog myths | Burke Museum
  • start life in the water.
  • lay eggs.
  • have wet slimy skin



Birds outside their comfort zone are more vulnerable to deforestation |  Imperial News | Imperial College London
  •  have feathers.
  • have a beak.
  • have wings.
  • lay eggs.
reptiles Like Uber for snake emergencies': tech takes the sting out of bites in  rural India | Snakes | The Guardian
  • Live on land.
  • have scales.
  • Lay eggs.
 mammals  Elephant Animal Facts - AZ AnimalsTiger | Smithsonian's National Zoo
  • Have hair on their body.
  • they give birth to young.
  • they make milk for their babies.


In year 1 we follow Read, Write Inc to learn letters and their sounds. We have phonics every day.


During the school day, there are dedicated times where we collectively stop, think and reflect. Children are invited to join in with these prayers.

Lunchtime Prayer

Thankyou for the world so sweet,

thank you for the food we eat,

thank you for the birds that sing,

thank you god for everything


 End of day prayer

Thank you Lord for this nice day,
Bless our work, our friends, our play,

 Our classroom and playground have prayer spaces that children may visit too.

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