St James' Church of England Primary School

Together in faith, we are a winning team.

  Mrs Thomas and Mrs Cooper

would like to welcome you to Class 1!

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is...       

Once upon a time...

 This is an English topic where we study traditional tales. 

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We will be reading Billy Goat's Gruff and other traditional tales. We will be linking the animals in the stories to our science. 

Flip-Up Fairy Tales: Three Billy Goats Gruff - Scholastic Shop



We will be...

  • Looking at animals in our local environment and then further afield. We will be naming a range of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will sort them into groups and look at their characteristics.  

Animal Groups Sorting Cards Photos, World Animal Day | KS2


We will be...

  • Drawing animals in detail

We will also be...

  • Talking about new beginnings in PSHCE
  • Learning to use a computer to write (word processing)
  • Learning about rhythm in music


In year 1, we follow 'Read, Write Inc' to learn letters and their sounds. We have phonics every day. Follow the link if you want to know more: 

Read Write Inc guide for parents

In Year 1, the children will do a statutory phonics test. Part of the test is to read 'alien' words, these are nonsense words that have no meaning. Your child will bring home this type of word to practise. Please make sure you help them to practise them regularly and read their home reading book daily. These are examples of alien words.

KS1 Alien Nonsense Word Cards | Nonsense words, Alien words, Word cards


During the school day, there are dedicated times where we collectively stop, think and reflect. Children are invited to join in with these prayers.

Lunchtime Prayer

Thank you for the world so sweet,

thank you for the food we eat,

thank you for the birds that sing,

thank you God for everything


  End of day prayer

Thank you Lord for this nice day,
Bless our work, our friends, our play,

 Our classroom and playground have prayer spaces that children may visit too.

 Here is the Year 1 Class Room

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