St James' Church of England Primary School

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Our Global Community


At St James’, we believe it is our duty to look after those around us, particularly those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We have strong links with Uganda. We have worked together with other schools and churches in the Parish of the Good Shepherd to raise money to help Rukungiri Modern Primary School.  As a result, they have been able to build a much needed water well and drill a borehole. Our money has helped them to install a water pump and build a protective brick shelter around the water well: helping to provide essential clean water for drinking and for the crops.

We sponsor a child called Dafeen through Action Aid – the money we send helps her to get a good education and therefore a chance for a better future.  We like to hear how she is getting on through her letters, just as she like to hear about us.

We think it is important that farmers across the world are given a fair price for the food they grow and this is why we support Fairtrade and encourage our families and community to buy Fairtrade products.

Alongside our global links, we raise money for local causes through Comic Relief and we support Willow Wood Hospice with fundraising cake sales and Christmas events. This year during Harvest time, we supported two local charities: Infinity Initiatives and Pauline Town at The Station Hotel. Both of these organisations help the homeless and those in need of extra help through providing food, advice and comfort. 

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