Picture News 4th March 2024: How do you think World Book Day should be celebrated?

EYFS: What do you enjoy about books?

Picture News 26th February 2024: How can you make your voice heard?

EYFS: What do you know about farming?

Picture News 19th February 2024: How important is packaging?

EYFS: How do you choose what drink to buy?

Picture News 5th February 2024: What makes someone inspirational?

EYFS: What are you interested in?

Picture News 29th January 2024: Is fashion important?

EYFS: Where can we get clothes from?

Picture News 22nd January 2024: Will self-driving vehicles change our lives?

EYFS: What must a self-driving car be able to do?

Picture News 15th January 2024: Is an e-reader better than a book?

EYFS: What books do you choose to read?

Picture News 8th January 2024: Are emojis an important part of communication?

EYFS: Can emojis help us to show our feelings?

Picture News 11th December 2023: What is rubbish?

EYFS: What are the different things we can do with our rubbish?

Picture News 4th December 2023: What is it like to live through an uncertain time?

EYFS: What emergency services help us?

Picture News 27th November 2023: Who is responsible for Antarctica?

EYFS: How can we all help to protect Antarctica?

Picture News 20th November 2023: How can we show compassion to others?

EYFS: How can we stay warm in winter?

Picture News 13th November 2023: Are there some jobs robots could never do?

EYFS: What might robots be able to do in the future?

Picture News 6th November 2023: How important is it to understand money?

Picture News 30th October 2023: Should 'super-shoes' be allowed in races?

EYFS: What do you enjoy wearing on your feet?

Picture News 16th October 2023: How can we remember things that were important to us? 

EYFS: Where is your special place?


Picture News 9th October 2023: How does change happen?

EYFS: How do you celebrate someone's achievement?

Picture News 2nd October 2023: Can anyone break a world record?

Picture News 25th September 2023: How important is space exploration?

EYFS: Do we need to know more about the moon?

Picture News 18th September 2023: Is school just a building? EYFS: Who can help us to feel safe?

Picture News 11th September 2023: Should life jackets be compulsory for all on open water?

EYFS: What do you know about boats?

Picture News 4th September 2023: What can we learn from new adventures?

EYFS: How can people travel around the world?

Special News

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