Picture News 15th July 2024: Are all jobs equal?

EYFS: What would be the best job for you?

Picture News 8th July 2024: What is loneliness?

EYFS: How can we help people who feel lonely?

Picture News 1st July 2024: What does it take to be an Olympian or Paralympian?

EYFS: What are some of the skills we can practise to be a good sportsperson?

Picture News 24th June 2024: What makes a good friend?

Class 5 think: 

A good friend is someone who is loyal, who helps their friends when they fall (literally and metaphorically), who supports others, respects others, who listens, who is generous, who brings fun and joy to your life, who is honest and generous, who shares, who doesn't keep secrets and doesn't make fun of anyone.


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Picture News 17th June 2024: Should we always be prepared for an emergency? EYFS: What items could help us in an emergency?

Picture News 10th June 2024: Is voting the best way to change things? EYFS: What makes someone a good leader?

Half Term Picture News 3rd June 2024: Can remembering difficult times help shape a better future? EYFS: What are some of your memories?

Half Term Picture News 27th May 2024: Can the voice of the young be as powerful as those of adults? EYFS: What matters to you?

Picture News 20th May 2024: Is it fair to judge others based on first impressions?

EYFS: What skills can help you become a good footballer?

Picture News 13th May 2024: What is your identity?

EYFS: What is special to you?

Picture News 6th May 2024: Can the past help us learn about modern life?

EYFS: How can we find out more about the past?

Picture News 29th April 2024: How can shops make sure everyone feels represented?

EYFS: How are you the same as and different from your friends?

Picture News 22nd April 2024: Can you learn to persevere?

EYFS: How can you challenge yourself?

Picture News 15th April 2024: What does art mean to you?

EYFS: What art do you enjoy?

Picture News 8th April 2024: Should everyone be allowed to lead a private life?

EYFS: Who is your family?

Picture News 25th March 2024: Should there be a limit on how rich one person can become?

EYFS: What does the word 'rich' mean to you?

Picture News 18th March 2024: What is the best way to handle disappointment?

EYFS: How does it feel to be disappointed?

Picture News 11th March 2024: Should mobile phoned be banned in classrooms?

EYFS: Why do schools have rules?

Picture News 4th March 2024: How do you think World Book Day should be celebrated?

EYFS: What do you enjoy about books?

Picture News 26th February 2024: How can you make your voice heard?

EYFS: What do you know about farming?

Picture News 19th February 2024: How important is packaging?

EYFS: How do you choose what drink to buy?

Picture News 5th February 2024: What makes someone inspirational?

EYFS: What are you interested in?

Picture News 29th January 2024: Is fashion important?

EYFS: Where can we get clothes from?

Picture News 22nd January 2024: Will self-driving vehicles change our lives?

EYFS: What must a self-driving car be able to do?

Picture News 15th January 2024: Is an e-reader better than a book?

EYFS: What books do you choose to read?

Picture News 8th January 2024: Are emojis an important part of communication?

EYFS: Can emojis help us to show our feelings?

Picture News 11th December 2023: What is rubbish?

EYFS: What are the different things we can do with our rubbish?

Picture News 4th December 2023: What is it like to live through an uncertain time?

EYFS: What emergency services help us?

Picture News 27th November 2023: Who is responsible for Antarctica?

EYFS: How can we all help to protect Antarctica?

Picture News 20th November 2023: How can we show compassion to others?

EYFS: How can we stay warm in winter?

Picture News 13th November 2023: Are there some jobs robots could never do?

EYFS: What might robots be able to do in the future?

Picture News 6th November 2023: How important is it to understand money?

Picture News 30th October 2023: Should 'super-shoes' be allowed in races?

EYFS: What do you enjoy wearing on your feet?

Picture News 16th October 2023: How can we remember things that were important to us? 

EYFS: Where is your special place?


Picture News 9th October 2023: How does change happen?

EYFS: How do you celebrate someone's achievement?

Picture News 2nd October 2023: Can anyone break a world record?

Picture News 25th September 2023: How important is space exploration?

EYFS: Do we need to know more about the moon?

Picture News 18th September 2023: Is school just a building? EYFS: Who can help us to feel safe?

Picture News 11th September 2023: Should life jackets be compulsory for all on open water?

EYFS: What do you know about boats?

Picture News 4th September 2023: What can we learn from new adventures?

EYFS: How can people travel around the world?

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