Welcome to Class 3


Mrs Aarons, Mrs Bromley and Miss Rigby

help us with our learning

in Class 3.


This term (Spring 2) our topic is...

Extreme Earth  

Watch our poetry recital... 

A Journey Through the Stone Age


 During English lessons we will be: 

  • Reading and discussing the book 'The Day Louis Got Eaten'
  • Writing a fiction & non-fiction text based on our core text
  • Justifying predictions and inferences using textual clues
  • Summarising paragraphs of text
  • Continuing to edit and improving our work
  • Learning how to use the present perfect form
  • Continuing to improve our handwriting and testing our knowledge through dictation
  • Completing PIRA Assessments


 In maths we will be: 

  • Solving number problems using all four operations
  • Learning the bar method for division
  • Continuing with division and multiplication practice  ( especially 3, 4, 8 tables) 
  • Identifying types of angles in 2D shapes
  • Identifying different types of lines
  • Completing PUMA Assessments



In Science we will be learning about:




In R.E we are learning about...


Our Class Assembly will take place on Friday 16th March


In P.E we will be learning about...

Gymnastics and swimming

Children in Year 3 have a wonderful and exciting swimming lesson every week on  a Thursday morning. All children are expected to participate during these fun sessions.


What can you do to help your child this academic year?

  • Encourage your child to learn multiplication and division facts ( 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables )
  • Read for 5 - 10 minutes each night with your child, asking them about what they have read
  • Spelling Bee practice
  • Ensure that your child completes their Learning Log activity on a weekly basis

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