Welcome to Class 3


Mrs Aarons, Mrs Bromley and Miss Rigby

help us with our learning

in Class 3.


We love being in Class 3!

Watch our poetry recital... 

A Journey Through the Stone Age


This term (Summer 1) our topic is...


What did the Romans do for us?


 During English lessons we will be: 

  • Reading and discussing traditional tales with a twist.
  • Planning and creating a traditional tale with a twist. 
  • Editing and improving our work. 
  • Taking part in peer and self-assessments. 
  • Creating acrostic poetry. 
  • Using further prefixes and suffixes.
  • Completing numerous reading comprehensions on a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. 
  • Summarising paragraphs taken from longer texts. 
  • Reading for pleasure.


 In maths we will be: 

  • Learning about equivalent fractions and trying to identify them. 
  • Estimating and reading different scales (capacity and weight). 
  • Learning Roman numerals up to 100!
  • Creating Roman numeral clock faces. 
  • Telling the time on a Roman numeral clock.
  • Solving a variety of number problems.
  • Practising our multiplication and division facts. 



In Science we will be learning about:


Can you make different shadows with your body? 



In R.E we are learning about...

Kingdom of God (Pentecost) 


In P.E we will be learning about...

Outdoor Games and swimming

Children in Year 3 have a wonderful and exciting swimming lesson every week on  a Thursday morning. All children are expected to participate during these fun sessions.

In French we will be learning how to use a bilingual dictionary and we will also be having short conversations about our likes and dislikes. 


What can you do to help your child this academic year?

  • Encourage your child to learn multiplication and division facts ( 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables )
  • Read for 5 - 10 minutes each night with your child, asking them about what they have read
  • Spelling Bee practice
  • Ensure that your child completes their Learning Log activity on a weekly basis
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