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It's Harvest Time 

“I am only I, but I’m still someone. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. Just because I cannot do everything does not give me the right to do nothing.”  
                                            (Motto from an Amish school in Pennsylvania)

At this time of year we think about those around us, both near and far, who are less fortunate than us.  This year we are collecting food for local food banks in the Ashton area and also, with other schools and churches in our parish, collecting money towards the Christian Aid project 'healthier futures for women and girls in Ethiopia'.  

Every donation will help.

Thank you.

Click below to read more about the Ethiopia project:

Poster Factsheet 1  Factsheet 2


Class 6 have written a poem together to remind us to face new beginnings with faith and bravery. They shared their wise words beautifully in their class assembly.

We all go through changes in our lives

Which make us feel nervous, excited or scared,

But if you hold your head up high,

You'll meet your goals and reach for the sky!


When people around you face a change

Don't be a stranger, try to be kind

A helping hand, you can can lend

This is a recipe for being a friend


A problem shared is a problem halved

So try to be brave and face the change

If you have faith you will succeed

Faith, friends and family are all you need.


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Great News!  Outstanding Commitment to Music Education at St James'. 

Attendance News

The 'Best Class Last Week', was:

Class 5 with 99.7% attendance.

The 'Best Class for the Year so Far', is 

Class 2 with 96.9% attendance average.

Nursery Children achieved 98.8% attendance last week 

(A religious event on Thurs 24 Sept resulted in slightly more than 50% attendance and has impacted on otherwise excellent average results, lowering  averages by 2.5%.)

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