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School is now closed for the holidays. We re-open on Tuesday 23rd April. Have a happy, safe holiday everyone.

And the winners are... 

Class Awards

FSU - Michael, Eric, Junior

Class 1 – Yusaf Kamran

Class 2 – Ishaan Singh

Class 3 – Olivia Raynor

Class 4 – Lennon Smith

Class 5 – Ellis Ormerod

Class 6 – Evie Sanyal-Mody

Special Awards

Hafsa Hussain - Early Bird Award

Most Religious Entry - Layla Warren

Superhero Eggventures - Jack Birchall

Best Book Inspired - Thomas Raynor

Double Bunnies - Robbie and Nikkie Smith

Wedding of the Year - Justin Radu

Best Dressed Eggs - Imaan Yaseen

Out of This World - Harvey Abbott

Springtime Cuteness - Zuzanna Fletcher

Best Creepy Crawly - Alexandra Radu

Best Egg-Moji Box - Leon Pollitt

Holiday Dream - Laiqa Baig

Easter Garden - Layton, Cody and Deacon Edwards

Easter Treasure Hunt - Isabelle Fisher-Gould

Easter Basket - Vanessa Smaniot

Everyone who entered the competition received a certificate for their eggcellent efforts. Well done to you all!

Attendance News

Best Class last week

Class 5 with 98.7%.

Best Class so far this year are 

 Class 4 with 97.5%

Reception Class attendance so far this year is 94.1%

Well done!


 School attendance 2017-2018



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