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Getting ready for The Summer Fair...

Wednesday, 25th May 6:00pm

Thank you all for

wearing something funny

and bringing some money!

We are very grateful for your kind donations of money for the Asian Food Stall at the Summer Fair. 

For more details about other special Friday events leading up to the Summer Fair, please look at the School Calendar and at your Friday Note (in the Virtual Office as well as at the bottom of your child's bag!).

Please go to the Virtual Office for a full screen version of the calendar.

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Best Class of the Week

Class 4 99%

Best Class of the Year

Class 6 97.5%

Class 1-6 Average Attendance


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Celebrating Achievement

Each week children from classes 1-6 are chosen to show their good work at our special celebration assembly.  Their work is displayed on our Let's Celebrate board in the hall for everyone to see for the next week along with sports certificates and Star Awards.  These awards are given to children who are 'spotted' putting our Golden Values into action.  We are very proud of them all.

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school

Please take a moment to share your views of our school through Parent View.  

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