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Hello Class 6!

 We have almost finished marking the SATs papers you did and we'll message you directly via Reading Plus to let  you know your scores .

We hope you and your families are still keeping safe and well at home. Please let us know what you're up to by adding a comment to the wall below or by sending one of us a message via reading plus or email.

We would love to know how you are and what you are doing!

Now is the beginning of our two week half term. Hopefully the weather will still be good and you'll be able to go out for walks and enjoy some fresh air! There is no new work to set this week or next. You should still have some of the english and maths to finish if you want to. There will be more work (and workpacks available from school) from 8th June. 

 Remember, there are lots of activities to do if you click on the first news and picture news tabs in fun stuff!

 We have created a class account on the Oxford Owl website so you can access reading books online and do lots of other useful activities. Please go to (or click the link): Then go to the menu at the very top of the screen and choose 'My class login' button

Username: year6stjames Password: year6-

 Why not start the day with a PE lesson with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)?

Have you had a go at any of these yet? 

Every morning at 9.00-9.30am, Joe will be leading an action-packed 30 minute PE lesson which you will be able to do at home. What a great way to kick-start your body and mind into action! These will be live PE lessons so make sure you tune in on time. They will be available every Monday-Friday. 

(Click on the heading for the link)

 Fancy something to relax your body and mind after all that wonderful work?

Have a look at some of the wonderful yoga activities available at

 Remember there are more links to other interesting websites on the 'fun stuff' tab at the top of our website.

 Stay safe and look after each other.

Lots of love,

Mrs Stott, Mrs Farnworth and Mrs Lowe



There is still one more week of maths work in your work packs that can be completed over the two weeks holiday (please note that if you use the bbc bitesize activities to help you with this work, their videos will be online from the week beginning the 1st of June)

To access the Power Maths e-book, please follow this link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, tick the box at the bottom and then it will take you to a page with a 'year 6' tab, click that tab and then click on the book that says 'Year 6 Practice Book Summer Home Edition'.


This week is  'Week 4 Fractions'

Monday- Converting fractions to percentages

Tuesday -Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

Wednesday- Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages

Thursday - percentage of ...

Friday - Maths challenge ( bbc website-  'daily lessons' section where there are some maths puzzles for you to have a go at)

   ** Remember to use the bbc bitesize website to help you with each lesson. Click here to go to the bbc website.


As always, you also have access to TTRS and IXL for additional  daily practice (refer to your login details on your sheet)


If you click HERE  it will take you to the Talk4writing website.  Scroll down to click on the year 6 unit THE CITY OF SILENCE. There are lots of activities in this unit of work to keep you busy this week and through the holidays too if you want to. If you would rather have a paper copy to work through, these are available in the work packs from school which are now all ready to be collected. You can collect Monday or Tuesday between 1 and 3 pm



We will post more work/ideas here after half term



Work to follow after the holidays


clicking on the link here will take you to some brilliant online music lessons from Tameside music service

username p933514 

password chord

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  Lunch time Prayer

For health and strength and daily food, 

We thank you, God. Amen


Our End of Day Class Prayer

At the end of the day, we would like to say

Thank you God for a lovely day

Please keep us safe till the morning


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