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COVID-19 Response.  This is a copy of the Class 6 page from the summer term.  'Frozen in time' and archived July 2020.

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Hello Class 6!

 Well, we have made it to the final week of term!

Way back in March, we never imagined that we wouldn't have everyone back to school before we finished for the summer holidays. We are so sorry that we didn't get to do all of the wonderful trips and activities that we had planned for you as you prepared to leave St James'. We would still love to mark this important landmark in your lives by having a special zoom meeting on Thursday afternoon. Your parents will have all received a text to explain that we have a gift that we would like you to collect from school this Wednesday (22nd July) between 11am and 12 pm. You MUST NOT open this gift until the zoom meeting on Thursday (no Pandoras please!) During our special zoom meeting, you will have the chance to open the boxes together as a class. Login details for the zoom meeting will be sent out to parents this week.

We will say it on Thursday, but we just want you to know how very proud we are of you and what a genuine  privilege it has been to teach you all for the last two years. We think each and every one of you is an absolute superstar and we are so excited for you as you close this chapter and begin your next at high school. Please do come and see us as the years go on and let us know how you are and all that you have achieved. You will forever be part of the St James' family.

Lots of love,

Mrs Stott, Mrs Farnworth ad Mrs Lowe


Remember, there are lots of activities to do if you click on the first news and picture news tabs in fun stuff!

 We have created a class account on the Oxford Owl website so you can access reading books online and do lots of other useful activities. Please go to (or click the link): Then go to the menu at the very top of the screen and choose 'My class login' button

Username: year6stjames Password: year6-

 Why not start the day with a PE lesson with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)?


Joe is now doing three lessons a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (he must be exhausted!)

(Click on the heading for the link)

 Fancy something to relax your body and mind after all that wonderful work?

Have a look at some of the wonderful yoga activities available at

 Remember there are more links to other interesting websites on the 'fun stuff' tab at the top of our website.

 Stay safe and look after each other.

Lots of love,

Mrs Stott, Mrs Farnworth and Mrs Lowe




You have all got your Power Maths books A and B. Please look through them and complete any incomplete pages. 

As always, you also have access to TTRS and IXL for additional  daily practice (refer to your login details on your sheet)


In your packs for the next three weeks and into the holidays are two English booklets.

you can also access them if you click HERE  and go to the Talk4writing website. 

The two booklets are DREAMS (a year 7 unit) which will give you the chance to write some poetry, and TREASURE, which will help you write an adventure story. It doesn't matter which one you start with. Please send me your finished work!



For those of you going to Great Academy, if you click HERE, it will take you to the GAA year 6 into 7 page with lots of information, activities and challenges to keep  you busy.

Hopefully by now you will have had a look at the worksheets we have put on so far and started to think about how you feel about your move to high school! Look at the booklet we have attached. (There is also a copy in your pack) This contains loads of different activities which are all designed to make you think about the change to secondary school in practical terms and also in terms of your feelings. It has been written during lockdown so it is completely relevant to you and the current situation. Have a go at as many of the activities as you can. Remember, you can email or message one of us to ask us anything you like! 


This half term, we are going to be looking at evolution and inheritance (DNA). This week we are looking at animal adaptations.

Click here to watch a short video on adaptation. After you have watched the video, scroll underneath the video for some more information, activities and games on adaptations.

Click here for another video about adaptation.

Next, please see the sheets below on 'plant adaptations' and complete the activity. If you are not able to print it out, you could draw your own boxes into your book and copy the information from the sheet .


clicking on the link here will take you to some brilliant online music lessons from Tameside music service

username p933514 

password chord

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  Lunch time Prayer

For health and strength and daily food, 

We thank you, God. Amen


Our End of Day Class Prayer

At the end of the day, we would like to say

Thank you God for a lovely day

Please keep us safe till the morning


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