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COVID-19 Response.  This is a copy of the Class 5 page from the summer term.  'Frozen in time' and archived July 2020.

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  Welcome to Year Five

Mrs Wilde and Mrs Vaughan help the children in Year 5 with their learning

If you wish to contact me, my email address is: 

Final Zoom! Wednesday 1 o' clock. Check your emails and texts for the link. See you there...

Look out for your reading plus email. It is very important: READING PLUS LINK

Hello! We hope you are all OK at home.

Please look on this page for: work, messages, links to fun things...but try not to stay on 'screens'  all day!

Daily reading and maths is in this section

I have created a class account with Oxford Owl so you can access reading books online and do lots of other useful activities.

Please go to (or click the link):

Then go to the menu in the top right corner and choose 'My class login' button

Username: wildestjames 

Password: year5


Please follow the link below for DAILY POWER MATHS lessons! 

To access the Power Maths e-book, please follow this link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, tick the box at the bottom (to accept the privacy policy) then CONTINUE. Then it will take you to a page with a Year 5 tab... click that tab and then click on the book called

'Year 5 Practice Book Summer Home Edition'.

If you can't do the work because you don't understand it, you can find help on: BBC Bitesize daily help HERE

If your computer blocks the page, just go to your settings and allow pop-ups.


Weekly science lessons

Click the links for some science information and things to do: 


Child development                 Child responsibilities                                 Old age



Do you want to learn first aid?! You can do this course at home... on your own or with your family.

Follow the link and complete the fun, educational activities. It could help you save someones life!! 

Just follow this link: First Aid Training for Kids (and their grown-ups)

Did you know....?

If you go on 'Active Tameside' Facebook page and on the new Active Tameside App, you can access free PE and dance lessons!

-Sports PE lesson – Every Tuesday at 1pm

-Dance PE lesson – Every Thursday at 9.30am

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Ideas to keep busy at home

This section is FULL of links to things you can do... click around and find out where they lead!

Stay healthy and exercise with Joe every day, do some cooking, science experiments or gardening.

For fun experiments click HERE

For recipes to make with children click HERE

Go on IXL - you have a login (they have an app for your phone, and they do English learning too)

You can go on 'fun stuff' through the main page

Write on our padlet wall

For some maths fun... click this link: Fun maths stuff!

To learn all of your Year 3-6 HERE

Music! Follow this link:  fun music lessons.  Your username is p915805 and your password is cotton

Scroll down on our web page for lessons, ideas and messages

This half term, I would like you to explore extreme environments and extreme weather. Click the links for your work:

Extreme Earth 1 

Extreme Earth 2

Extreme Earth 3

Extreme Earth 6 (I know... I missed 4 and 5 out!)

Try this 'Hurricane' comprehension... it's quite easy but will give you some useful information!

Try reading this page:

Now you have watched the videos on BBC Bitesize on weather and climate, you can play the games and read about volcanoes! 

Try PE with Joe by clicking on the link:

Scroll down to find more lessons to do at home...

Lesson 1: The Great Kapok Tree - read (and listen) to the story and answer the questions 

Click here for The Great Kapok Tree Activities that you can do at home.

Lesson 2: Adding and subtracting in columns (in workbooks). For help, click the link:

Try these:  a. 236+421     b. 657+202    c. 974+1006    d. 1754+2335   e. 0.45+2.014 (remember to line up the decimal points)

And these subtraction calculations: f. 267-154    g. 856-173   h. 9643-5624    i. 2365-95   j. 10,045- 369

Answers are at the bottom of the page for you to check. No cheating!

Lesson 3:

Writing your own myth

  • Watch myths online and read Greek myths to get your research done. Try this link for ideas:
  • Start thinking about your hero, your villain and a problem
  • Do some research on the Greek Gods as they were often involved in stories. For example, Zeus was often in a bad mood and would do things to entertain himself. The Gods lived on Mount Olympus and looked down at the humans below them. Maybe you could have a Greek God in your myth?

Image result for where did greek gods live

To help you with your writing, click the link to open the Mythical Story Planner

and try this cool*** interactive acropolis tour!***

Lesson 4:

Reading comprehension

First News Reading Task

Click the link above and read the 'World News' text and answer the questions  (**No cheating as the answers are at the end!)

Lesson 5:

Multiplying and dividing

You have questions to answer in your workbooks (the books you took home). Below  is a link to help you...

BBC Bitesize maths

Now try answering these: 

24x6       57x5       62x3      235x3      458x4     237x10   

Lesson 6: Possessive Apostrophes

Look on Class 4's page for extra help with this. Remember to think:

'Is it plural?' (More than one)

'Does it belong to someone/something?

Try the worksheet below... 

Lesson 7: Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

Complete questions in your book - answers are at the end of each challenge so no cheating! Look at the starts at the bottom of the sheets to pick the level of challenge (  1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars ).

Maths worksheet link - click here.

You may wish to watch the video below to help you complete work set. 

Lesson 8 : Ancient Greece Activity Booklet 

There are loads of activities to do in here... (click the link below)

Groovy Greeks Activity Book

Lesson 9: Here is the link to White Rose Maths, which is the scheme  we use in school - linked to Power Maths. 

There are loads of activities in here and you can choose the appropriate level to do.

Lesson 10: Listen to some of the poems in Let's Explore Poets

Just click the link and explore the poems. Why not try listening to the 'myths and magic' section?

Lesson 11: Look at the image and the information below and discuss 'Black Lives Matter' 

Lesson 12: 

Try to write a weather poem. At the bottom of this section, you will find 'A Recipe for Winter' poem to help you.

I would like you to write 'A Recipe for Summer' using alliteration (some sunshine), rhythm, fronted adverbials (first, next, etc) and bullet points (like in the example) but it doesn't have to rhyme. 

If you email them to me (or school) we will publish some of them on twitter! 

Good luck!  

A Recipe for Winter

Lesson 13: I would like you to watch the video on this link: Volcanoes KS2 BBC Bitesize

and then try the quiz at the bottom of the web page. Good luck!

Join the summer reading challenge!

Just click the link for lots of silly, fun games and competitions at SUMMER READING CHALLENGE

Lesson 14: Watch the video (link below) about a tsunami and find out what causes them.

Click on the link: National Geographic Tsunami

Then complete the work by clicking the work link: Tsunami Worksheet 

If you are interested in First Aid, there is a free online course for children and parents.

Just click the links to access: First Aid part 1

First Aid part 2

Thank you for your comments! There is a new 'padlet' you can write on at the top of the page. 
Thank you for your comments. Watch out for a new padlet coming soon...

Why not have a listen to David Walliams' stories? Click on the link below...

 There is a different story every day

Addition answers:  a. 657,   b. 859,   c. 1980,    d. 4089,   e. 2.46    Subtraction answers:  f. 113,   g. 683,   h. 4019,    i. 2270,    j. 9676. How did you do? 

Our class prayers

 At lunch time:

For health and strength and daily food, we thank you God.



At the end of the day:

Now the day is over, we lift our hands and say,

Thank you heavenly Father/God - for today,

We're sorry for the wrong things, but glad about the right,

Keep us heavenly Father/God, in your love tonight. 


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