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Relationships and Sex Education

 Information leaflets for parents and carers

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At St James’ Church of England Primary School, we value the importance of relationships and sex education (RSE) to help and support young people through their physical, moral, spiritual, cultural and emotional development. RSE involves learning about relationships, sexual health, sexuality, healthy lifestyles, diversity and personal identity. RSE involves a combination of sharing information, and exploring issues and values. RSE is not about the promotion of sexual activity.

The RSE programme at St James’ reflects the school vision, mission and values. 


·     To provide a framework in which sensitive discussions can take place.

·     To prepare pupils for puberty, and give them an understanding of sexual development and the importance of health and hygiene.

·     To help pupils develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy.

·     To create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships.

·     To teach pupils the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies.