Picture News: What's your view?

Children: just like we usually do in the school hall, you can add your responses to this week's question on the wall (click here or on the Wall).   

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Picture News 22nd May: Has being online changed things for the better? EYFS: How can we stay safe online?

Picture News 15th May: Should all animals be treated equally? EYFS: Should all animals be treated the same?

Picture News 8th May: Do you think music has a positive impact on the world? EYFS: How can music help us?

Picture News 1st May: How do you choose to celebrate significant events? EYFS: How do you like to celebrate?

Picture News 24th April: How do you learn best?


Picture News 17th April: Can you prepare for emergency situations? EYFS: What can we practise in case there is ever an emergency?

Picture News 27th March: How do communities support each other in difficult times? EYFS: When might someone put up a tent?

Picture News 20th March: How important are guide dogs for those in need? EYFS: How can guide dogs help people who are blind or partially sighted?

Picture News 13th March: Should Roald Dahl's books be changed for modern times? EYFS Can you think of a word to describe a character?

Picture News 6th March: Could you do more to protect your local area? EYFS: How can we help protect wild animals where we live?

Picture News 27th February: Will the world become cashless in the future? EYFS: Do you like to save or spend money?

Picture News 20th February: What is the most important form of communication? EYFS: Can we understand animals?

Picture News 6th February 2023: Should men and women's sport teams be paid the same?

Picture News 30th January 2023: Does the natural world have rights?

Picture News 23rd January 2023: How much control do influencers have over our choices?

Picture News 16th January 2023: Do we throw things away too easily?

Picture News 9th January 2023: Can you learn how to manage under pressure?

Picture News 2nd January 2023: Should all the energy we use be renewable?

Picture News 12th December: What would it be like to live on the moon?

Picture News 5th December: Are television channels as important as they once were?

Picture News 28th November: Are some jobs more important than others?

Picture News 21st November: What can football teach us about the wider world?

Picture News 14th September 2022: Should we ever have to change our appearance?

Picture News 7th November 2022: Should more be done to help rescue pets?

Picture News 31st October 2022: Will robots make the world a better place?


Picture News 17th October 2022: If we do something wrong, who should decide the consequences?

Picture News 10th October 2022: Should we all aim to be the best?

Picture News 3rd October: Do we achieve more when there is a competition?

Picture News 26th September: How can we help those in need who are far away?

Picture News 19th September 2022: Can we live our lives without plastic?

Picture News 12th September 2022: What can we do if we feel something isn’t fair?

Picture News 5th September 2022: Can toys help us celebrate our differences?

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