P4C Means 'Philosophy for Children'

Philosophy for Children, or P4C, is an approach to teaching and learning, in which children take part in philosophical enquiry. It enhances thinking and communication skills, boosts confidence and self-esteem, and improves behaviour and well-being.

At St. James' we teach Philosophy for Children (P4C) as part of our rich curriculum. Through our P4C sessions we aim for our children to develop thinking skills and the ability to question and reason. It is a child-led, enquiry based approach to learning. At St James' it is important to us that our children become thoughtful individuals with the ability to think critically about the world around them. 

We are part of a 'Going for Gold' programme which means that over a three year journey we continually develop our P4C teaching. We have achieved the Bronze and Silver stages... and now, in April 2021, we have achieved Gold! Please look our pictures and videos below to see some of the enquiries that we have done. 


Using our P4C skills, we've been thinking about some Big Questions in our RE lessons.