Maths revision: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I.X.L revision club for everyone is on Friday morning.

Grammar revision is on Tuesday and Thursday after school ... All welcome!

Welcome to Class 6

Mrs Wilde and Mrs Lowe help us with our learning in Class 6


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Parents meetings: Year 6- Monday 12th March and Wednesday 14th March 2018. 

General information

PE days are on Wednesday and Friday

Homework days are: Monday (maths) Wednesday (spelling) Friday(revision)

Reading record/homework diary must be brought in every day

Please try to be punctual and have high attendance


Spring 2 

(Feb 26th - March 29th)

A Journey through The Americas


This half term,we will be studying:

  • English - Revision in preparation for SATs and...

Analysing Goosebumps books, The Highwayman, The Count of Monte Cristo and Magazine articles

GPS will include: Spelling Year 6 words, relative clause, parenthesis, using semi colons, subjunctive form, present/ past perfect and progressive verbs and using the passive. 

  • Mathematics - Calculations, fractions, percentages, shape (including angles) and algebra, 'long' division and multiplication, mixed puzzles with fractions, coordinates, translations, calculating missing angles, linear equations and SATs revision. 
  • Theme - Latitude and longitude, examining how the position on the earth will determine weather, a comparison between Ashton-under-Lyne and a place in the Americas plus map skills. 
  • Science - Adaptation: how plants and animals are adapted to their environment. 



SATs KS2 Timetable


Spring 1  (Third half term)

Picasso and other abstract artists


This half term, we will be studying the work of Picasso and other abstract artists. 

We will be producing our own abstract portraits, examining cubism, producing our own abstract art and looking at the work of other abstract artists, such as Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock and Paul Klee. 


Do you like our cubist "self portrait".

Art created in the style of our favourite artists.

Can you guess who they are?

Our visit to the Albion Reform Church Ashton to look at William Morris art work.



Gardening this half term

Second half term...

Term: Autumn 2

Ruthless Rulers and Merry Monarchs

Here is an overview of what we will be learning in class 6 this half term...


Texts: Formal letter writing, newspaper reports, Shakespeare, Harry Potter books, Alice in Wonderland, Shilling Pie (a Victorian story) and Jabberwocky  

  • Reading comprehension, including inference 
  • Relative clauses, parenthesis, using colons and semi colons, adverbs and noun phrases
  • Using prefixes and suffixes, using apostrophes correctly, neat handwriting and revising previous spelling strategies 


  • Fractions of shape and amounts, decimals and percentages
  • Shape, including area, perimeter, reflection and rotation
  • Arithmetic, with particular focus and long multiplication  


Electricity: Making circuits, experimenting with circuits, learning the terminology and drawing circuit diagrams

In other learning: we will be looking at Hanukkah and advent in RE; finding out about England's monarchs and their impact on the world we live in now; drawing portraits in our sketch books; learning how to do 3-D design using a computer; finding out about places in the world through the explorations of the Elizabethans and learning to play hockey in PE. 


On November 22, 2017, we visited Ashton Cinema to watch 'Rock Dog', which is a story about a character who has a dream for the future - and how he tries to achieve this dream. We are going in the morning and will be back for lunch. 


Thank you to our volunteers, who represented the school (and Year 6) wonderfully at the 'National Young Mathematics Award' competition on Thursday, 9th November... Well Done! You worked brilliantly as a team to solve some really tricky mathematical problems. 

(Cheer up, Alyaah!)

First half term...


Term: Autumn 1

War and Peace

This is an outline of what we will be studying in this half term:

English - The books of author, Michael Morpurgo (Friend or Foe, War Horse etc.)

'Charge of the Light Brigade' and other texts, including The Diary of Anne Frank and Newspaper articles from WWI and WWII

Grammar revision, such as: adverbials, types of sentences, prefixes and suffixes, noun phrases, commas and semi colons, spelling bee

Writing will be based around the theme of war and peace  

Maths- Place value, including rounding 

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (with 'real life' puzzles) and formal methods of calculation

Ratio and proportion

Area and perimeter

Measures - distance, time and weight  

Science - Light and Shadow

How do we see? Parts of the human eye

How shadows are formed and how they change depending on the angle of the light source

Reflections and how light travels

We will be conducting experiments to investigate light, shadow, reflection and colour

In other learning, we will be examining the art of Henry Moore and Paul Nash.

We will be studying aspects of WWI and WWII and looking at the causes and casualties of war. As a class, we will look at ways to encourage peace and harmony. In computing, we will focus on word processing and research skills. 


In D&T this half term, Class 6 have made a healthy coleslaw.

Here is the recipe if you would like to make it at home...


Imperial War Museum

  On Thursday 5th October, 2017,  Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum North.

Look at what a fantastic, educational and fun time we had at IWM this year...

 On Tuesday 3rd October, we attended 'Safe squad'.

What is Safe Squad?

Well... we work with professionals from many services, including the emergency services to learn safety skills: 

  • Children watch different scenarios, such as: the correct use of 999; dealing with peer pressure; reporting and witnessing crime; learning what is a hate crime and the best way to tackle difficult situations
  •  Children learn about digital safety and how to stay safe online. They watch videos and discuss the problems of not staying SMART online
  • Children take part in fire safety training, with particular focus on their own homes. They also have the chance to learn CPR and how to place someone in the recovery position - using resuscitation dummies

 Later in this half term, Year 6 will also be investigating the life of Anne Frank...

and sensitively discussing the persecution of some people by others 

If you would like to know more, click on the link

Anne Frank (interactive activities including a 3-D tour of the annex)

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