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General information

PE days are on Wednesday and Friday

Homework days are: Monday (maths) Wednesday (learning log) Friday (spelling)

Reading record/homework diary must be brought in every day

Please try to be punctual and have high attendance

You can contact (me) Mrs Wilde at:  stacey.wilde@st-james-ash.tameside.sch.uk


 Lunch time Prayer

For health and strength and daily food, 

We thank you, God. Amen


Our End of Day Class Prayer

Now the day is over, we lift our hands and say

Thank you heavenly God, for today,

We're sorry for the wrong things, but glad about the right

Keep us, heavenly God, in your love tonight


Summer 2 

Champions of Change 

Monday 10th June - Friday 26th July 2019

Champions of Change 

This half term is incredibly exciting with so much to do and learn!

We will be participating in the Community Arts Award, learning about how to keep ourselves and others safe. An artist will be working with us to create artwork relating to our project. 

We will be working with musicians from The Hallé to compose and perform our own music. The performance will be in St James Church on Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Family and friends are welcome to come. 

We will be looking at transition. This will include:

  • The Leavers' service at Manchester Cathedral followed by a meal (in the Printworks) on Tuesday 25th June 2019
  • High School visits in Week 4 (week beginning 1st July 2019)
  • Lessons on personal safety, puberty and staying safe  

We will be entering the Spirited Arts competition and looking at connections between belief in ahimsa, grace and Ummah, teachings and sources of wisdom in Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. 


In English- We will be looking at stories and poetry from other cultures and detective stories. We will be writing our own detective stories and poems.As well as this we will be preparing for our Summer Show and Leavers' Play. 

In maths- We will re-visit ratio, geometry and problem solving as well as improving our mental arithmetic skills.

In our 'Champions of Change' topic- we will be looking at keeping safe and healthy, participating in a number of different sports (Sports Week is Week 4 from 01/07/19), puberty and transition to high school.

In other subjects - We will be enhancing our design skills by making things to sell at the Summer Fair and improving our confidence by presenting information on a country from the Women's world cup!

Summer 1

Tuesday 23rd April - Friday 24th May 2019

The Amazing Maya

A study of the ancient civilisation of The Maya



In class, we will be looking at the ancient civilisation of The Maya including:

  • The Maya system for counting
  • The artefacts found that tell us about their way of life and culture
  • How we know about the Maya's existence
  • Their sports, leisure activities and beliefs
  • We will be making our own 'Maya' artefacts from clay

In English, we will be revising for SATs and writing a character description based on Kensuke's Kingdom, instructions for how to play the Maya game of Pok-a-tok and a persuasive text based on a book called 'Weslandia.'

In maths, we will be revising for SATs and making 3D shapes from nets, collating information and putting it into graphs and charts plus consolidating all the information we have learnt so far. 

In science, we will be looking at states of matter... solids, liquids and gases. We will be doing experiments and analysing our results. 

In other subjects: PE - athletics, French - going to the doctors,

PHSRE - relationships, Computing - using the internet efficiently and safely.




Spring 2

Monday 25th February - Friday 5th April 2019

A Journey through North America

Spring 2 - A journey through North America is a study of the physical and human aspects of North America and a comparison with an area of the UK. This will include: climate zones, map reading, time zones plus cultural similarities and differences. 

Last half term, children were studying:


English- Mystery stories, including 'Goosebumps' and poetry by Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven). We will study a book called 'Trolls' by Brian and Wendy Froud and look at aspects of 'The Count of Monte Cristo' 

We will be consolidating our grammar understanding, writing our own mystery stories and reading a range of texts. 


Mathematics - We will be consolidating our understanding in all aspects of maths, with a particular focus on: fractions, percentages, 2d and 3d shape, coordinates and calculations. 


Science - In science this half term, we will be classifying plants and animals according to various features. WE will look at photosynthesis and conducting experiments on plants and flowers. 


In other subjects: PE - dance and gymnastics; French - 'on holiday;' RE -representations of Easter; PHSCE - staying healthy; Computing - Power point presentations and Music - making their own Jazz compositions. 


Monday 7th January 2019 - Thursday 14th February 2019


Spring 1 - Picasso and Other Abstract Artists

A study of a number of abstract artists, including: 

Picasso, Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko



English - In English we will be studying: Harry Potter books, 'twisted' fairy tales, poetry from other cultures and formal letters of complaint. 

In grammar, we will be looking at perfect verbs, passive verbs, parenthesis, fronted adverbials and how to use semi colons and dashes. 

***Please encourage your child to learn their spellings from the spelling list provided every Monday. 

Maths - In maths, we will be revising formal methods of multiplication and division, calculating percentages, solving measures puzzles, finding the area of triangles and working out the mean/median/mode. 

***Please ensure that your child knows their multiplication tables. 

Science - In science, we are studying circulation and the function of the heart.

In other subjects: we will be looking at internet safety and computer-aided design, examining how to 'love thy neighbour,' improving our gymnastics and dance skills in PE, discovering music from other cultures and creating many wonderful pieces of modern art. 

***Please REMEMBER to use IXL, spag.com and reading plus as SATs are fast approaching and children need to revise.***


5th November - 21st December 2018

Autumn 2: Ruthless Rulers and Merry Monarchs


A study of a selection of British monarchs from King John (The Magna Carta)

to the present monarch - Queen Elizabeth II


Last half term, we were studying: 

English- Shakespeare's Macbeth, Oliver Twist, The Jabberwocky, Shilling Pie and non-fiction texts. Our grammar/writing focus is: semi-colons, fronted adverbials, subordinate clause, silent letters, parenthesis and writing historical fiction. 

Maths- In maths we are studying: fractions, decimals, percentages, different types of graphs, nets and shape plus arithmetic. 

Science- Electricity: circuits and experiments with electricity

Topic- Our theme is Ruthless Rulers and Merry Monarchs. This will include: King John, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II. 

In other learning we will be: coding in computers, looking at democracy, learning to order food in French, making 'light up' Christmas cards in design technology and learning to sketch in art. 

You can help your child by: making sure they do their homework on time, encouraging them to use reading plus, IXL, spag.com, ensuring they have everything they need for school (such as PE kits)and help them to learn their lines for performances/assemblies. Thank you. 



4th September 2018 - Thursday 25th October 2018 

Term: Autumn 1


We had a wonderful time at The Imperial War Museum North and the class made us proud. People on the tram were approaching our staff to compliment the children on their attitude, good manners and general behaviour!

There are some lovely pictures below to look at (click to enlarge) of our fantastic trip to learn about the human cost of war. We met some soldiers and saw a real Paul Nash painting amongst many other amazing things.  

War and Peace

This is an outline of what we will be studying in this half term:

English - The books of author, Michael Morpurgo (Friend or Foe, War Horse etc.)

'Charge of the Light Brigade' and other texts, including: The Diary of Anne Frank, In Flanders Fields, Hunted and Newspaper articles from WWI and WWII

Grammar revision, such as: adverbials, types of sentences, prefixes and suffixes, noun phrases, commas, types of nouns, recogising verbs and spelling bee

Writing will be based around the theme of war and peace  

Maths- Place value, including rounding 

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (with 'real life' puzzles) and formal methods of calculation

Ratio and proportion

Area and perimeter

Measures - distance, time and weight  

Science - Light and Shadow

How do we see? Parts of the human eye

How shadows are formed and how they change depending on the angle of the light source

Reflections and how light travels

We will be conducting experiments to investigate light, shadow, reflection and colour

In other learning, we will be examining the art of War artists including Paul Nash.

We will be studying aspects of WWI and WWII and looking at the causes and casualties of war. As a class, we will look at ways to encourage peace and harmony. In computing, we will focus on word processing and research skills. 



Look at some of our 'light' investigations below

Is that a dog shadow, C and CJ? I think E can see a rainbow... Nice glasses, girls... I can spot some people spying with their periscopes... I am staying away from those distorting mirrors!!


Previous Visits 

   Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum North on 

23rd October 2018.

This was part of our 'War and Peace' theme 



The first half term, Class 6 attended 'Safe Squad'

What is Safe Squad?

Well... we work with professionals from many services, including the emergency services to learn safety skills: 

  • Children watch different scenarios, such as: the correct use of 999; dealing with peer pressure; reporting and witnessing crime; learning what is a hate crime and the best way to tackle difficult situations
  •  Children learn about digital safety and how to stay safe online. They watch videos and discuss the problems of not staying SMART online
  • Children take part in fire safety training, with particular focus on their own homes. They also have the chance to learn CPR and how to place someone in the recovery position - using resuscitation dummies

  Year 6 investigated the life of Anne Frank...

and sensitively discussed the persecution of some people by others. 

If you would like to know more, click here.


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