Autumn 2

Our topic this half-term is all about 

The Stone Age!

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 We will be finding out about who lived in the Stone Age, how they hunted for food, what weapons they used, what type of shelters they lived in, and much, much more!


This page will updated with photos of our work throughout the half-term.



Our WOW Day 

We started our WOW Day by writing facts that we already knew about the Stone Age then we wrote some questions which we'd like to find out.



We then looked at some Stone Age counting in our maths lesson.  We tried to decipher the meaning of their numbers then made some of our own.


In the afternoon, we watched a video of how Stone Age tools and weapons were made. We also passed around a replica Stone Age axe to feel!

We then had a go at making our own axes and spears!


The next day, we used our weapons to go on a Prehistoric Bear Hunt!! After a long chase, we managed to wound and kill the bear!