Sex and Relationship Education


At St James’ Church of England Primary School we value the importance of sex and relationship education to help and support young people through their physical, moral, spiritual, cultural and emotional development. The Sex and Relationships Education programme will reflect the school ethos.

The school believes that SRE will be developmental and provide a foundation for further work in the secondary school.  SRE is a continuing, developmental process, which includes the exploration of attitudes and values and the development of skills, as well as the presentation of factual knowledge. As with all other learning, it should be gradual and matched to the child’s maturity and stage of development.

We recognise the partnership of home and school, of parent and teacher, in this important area of personal development.


Aims and Objectives of the SRE Policy

¨         To reassure children of their value and self-worth, including aspects of dignity, self-respect and self-restraint.

¨         To nurture a responsible attitude towards personal relationships, such as aspects of mutual respect and care, and to develop sensitivity towards the needs of others encompassing fidelity and loyalty.

¨         To foster the ability to manage relationships in a responsible and healthy manner.

¨         To promote the value of loving relationships and of a stable family life.

¨         To recognise that marriage is an important, but not exclusive, context for family life.

¨         To provide knowledge of human reproductive processes.

¨         To inform children on matters of personal hygiene and related health issues.

¨         To encourage exploration of values and moral issues, taking into account the physical and moral risks associated with certain behaviour.

¨         To educate against discrimination and prejudice.

¨         To empower children to make informed choices about their developing sexuality.


Information leaflets for parents and carers