Autumn 1

What did we learn about this half-term?

'Have you met Traction Man?'

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This topic was based on the 'Traction Man' series by Mini Grey, our 'Author of the Year'.


We did a lot based on the book in our English lessons and lots of fun Science lessons on materials. 


These were our weekly questions ...

Who are we all?

Getting to know you activities.

Who is Traction Man?

We will make superhero collages for our WOW afternoon.

Science: Looking at different types of materials.

How would we scrub Scrubbing Brush?

Science: What material is best to clean with? Test with cloth, paper, sponge, bubble wrap etc. 

Sort materials according to their properties.

How can we wipe up the Super Strong Germo?!

Science: Experiment to test best material to wipe liquid: Absorb, waterproof etc.

What would be the best material to build traction man a den out of?

Set challenges to build out of card, lego etc & evaluate.