The Christian Ethos of Our School

     The school is a Church of England controlled school, which recognises the uniqueness of each individual and respects their cultural background. We provide an environment, which we hope, will encourage each child to become a responsible, caring person, learning to be increasingly aware of their cultural values and those of others. Our teaching is contained in a multi-faith and multi-cultural context where there is no suggestion of religious or cultural superiority.

     Worship is an important part of the school day. We aim to create an environment where children are offered the opportunity to begin to develop a relationship with God. The school maintains strong links with the parish church of St James', and has links with the local Mosque and Hindu Temple.

     The school will make arrangements for parents to exercise their right of withdrawal of their children from religious worship and education under Section 26 of the 1944 Education Act. Alternative supervision for the children will be provided, however, these arrangements can only be made upon written request from a parent.



St. James’ has a Christian foundation and we aim to create a school where:

1. Everyone feels cared for, valued and respected.

2. Everyone works in a warm welcoming and supportive environment.

3. Everyone reaches their full potential and celebrates their own and each other’s achievements.

4. We build positive relationships with each other and are encouraged to develop spiritually.

5. We understand and respect each other’s faiths and cultures.

6. There are strong links with the home, the family, the church and the local community.


Our School Council ran a competition to write a new school prayer.  They had so many fantastic entries that they couldn't decide on one winner so they used ideas from different prayers to create our St James' School Prayer.  Click on the picture above to read it and on this link to share your thoughts in our prayer space.