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Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning

which means Friendships and Feelings

Theme 6: Relationships

Family activities for you to do together at home.


We all need help sometimes

You probably already know the story of the enormous turnip, but have you thought about what we can learn from it?

The key message that you voted for in our poll was...




 The Power of Words

The way we speak to each other is incredibly important. Words can pull down, but they can also build up.

Watch this reminder of just how far words can travel. 

Make your words kind - they will go far too.



Our super planets from outer space represent our thinking and learning about communication and relationships this term.




Listen to Oliver Jeffer's story 'The Heart and the Bottle'.

How do you think the girl was feeling...

* at the start of the story?

* when she saw the empty chair?

* when she put her heart in the bottle?

* when she saw the little girl playing on the sand?

* when the bottle was opened?


Our gorgeous shells were inspired by 'The heart and the Bottle'.



The Quangle Wangle Quee was very lonely until everyone joined him on his lovely big hat.  We can show the value of friendship and can help everyone feel included in lots of different ways.  

Click here to read the Edward Lear poem

The Quangle Wangle's Hat

and look at our beautiful 'Friendship Means...' butterflies. 


Working together at St James'.  

If we talk and listen to each other we might be able to find a win-win solution - just like the donkeys in our story.  Look carefully at the poster and see if you can work out what they did so that they both had their dinner. 



"Above all,clothe yourselves with love..."

Treat others how you would like to be treated.