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Meet our new School Council!

Class 1 Kobe and Guilia
Class 2 Hadia and Faizan
Class 3 Delan and Klaudia
Class 4 Libby and Yammi
Class 5 Olivia and Harvey
Class 6 Kai and Sienna



Another exciting adventure for our School Council when they went to meet the new Mayor of Tameside, The Worshipful The Civic Mayor of Tameside Councillor Joyce Bowerman, at the Mayor's Parlour.




Our Year 3-6 School Council representatives have enjoyed a fabulous trip to the Houses of Parliament in London with Mrs Walton (our Chair of Governors) and our headteacher Mrs Marsh. 


Whilst Mrs Marsh was looking through some old school photos, she found this picture of a St James' school trip to London sometime between 1930 and 1940.  What an amazing picture taken in almost the exact same position as the one with our School Council. 



Class 6 - Joseph and Amina

Class 5 - Jamelia and Harry

Class 4 - Ronaldo and Michal

Class 3 - Sara and Alfie

Class 2 -  Ahmad and Jessica

Class 1 - Khadija and Bobby-John

Our School Council have made a busy start to the year.  They have even redesigned their notice board.



The School Council really enjoyed visiting the then mayor, Councillor Vincent Ricci and his wife Julie.  The mayor presented certificates in good work assembly and was taken on a tour of school by school council members before enjoying a cup of tea and biscuits with them! 



Class 6 - Muzammal and Fatima

Class 5 - Uzair and Simran

Class 4 - Fatima and Kevin

Class 3 - Evie and Charlie-James

Class 2 - Zenab and Zeeshan

Class 1 - Isobel and Ricardo



Our School Council visited the Civic Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Vincent Ricci, at Dukinfield Town Hall.  Accompanied by our headteacher, Mrs Marsh, and our Chair of Governors, Mrs Walton, the children went prepared with questions to find out more about his important job.


Class 1 Theo and Nikkie

Class 2 Lydia and Ilyaas

Class 3 Alyaah and Denis

Class 4 Daniel and Faye

Class 5 Bianca and Owen

Class 6 Lucy and Freshta


School Council Report 2013-2014

Our school council has been very busy this year and has worked on the following school activities:

  •          Letter to Hadiija Nabaka, our Action Aid pupil that we are linked to in Uganda
  •          Creation of our new School prayer
  •          Christmas dinner menu choices
  •          Easter Egg Hunt
  •          Golden Time Disco
  •          The next school council

Lucie and Harvey

Easter Egg Hunt

We were given a large map of the school and in small groups we created different trails. We then made the eggs, and we coloured them, cut them out and laminated them so that they wouldn’t rip.

When each class came into the hall we all worked with different groups and helped them to get around the trail and find the answers to the clues. We searched for Easter eggs – it was great fun! At the end everyone got a chocolate.

We had a lovely morning and we hope it runs again. It was the best day ever. We hope the next school council run a hunt!



Letter to Hadiija Nabaka

As a group we decided what we thought were the things we wanted to tell her about St James. We then chose sections to write about and once it was finished Amina collected all the work in and typed it up. We took a picture of the school council and some other school pictures were added to the letter as well.

We are very proud of our letter.

Click here to read our brilliant letter and take a tour of our school.

Maddy and Millie

Golden Time Disco

We organised a school Golden Time disco – it was great!  We asked lots of children what kind of music they would like and prepared our ‘disco list’ (Maddy: ‘With a bit of help from my Auntie!’).  Then we invited class teachers to send some of their children to dance – and what amazing dance moves we saw! 



School Prayer

We organised a competition for a new school prayer. A box for entries was put in the entrance and we had 32 entries! The school council read them all and we decided that there wasn’t 1 winner. So we highlighted the sections of pupils’ prayers that we all liked and the prayer was created from that.

The school prayer was read out in assembly and the names of the pupils who had helped to write it. It’s a lovely prayer that is special for our school.

 Click here to read our beautiful school prayer.

Next Year’s School Council

Millie and Emily

We talked about this in our last meeting and talked about how we had been chosen. As a group we decided that anyone that wants to be in the school council should write a short speech/letter saying why they want be on the council and put it in a box in the entrance. We can then choose some pupils from these letters and check with the class teachers and then choose who will be on the council.


What have I contributed to the school council this year?

Millie - “We have helped each other and worked as a team to help make the school an even better place.”

Emily – “I helped to get new toys for our school.”

Lucie  I have had lots of fun in School Council. We have been making decisions. I have been a good friend.”

Zarmeen – “I have enjoyed it and think I have been a good friend. It’s so good!”

Conor – “I helped to plan a successful Easter Egg Hunt and I thought of lots of good ideas to make our school better.”

Amina – “I helped to organise the Easter egg Hunt, and helped to organise the letter to Hadiija Nabaka. I have helped the younger ones and planned lots of things. I am pleased about what I have done.”

Caitlin – “I typed Hadiija Nabaka’s letter so that it was clearer and easier to read and helped a lot with the school prayer competition. I think I have contributed lots to the school council.”

 We are the HEART of our school...