End of year expectations - our Mathematics Learning Goals

By the end of the year, I aim to be able to...


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Calculation policies

Would you like to be able to help your child at home

with their maths learning?

We have a clear progression for teaching calculations and number facts in maths right through our school.  So that you can help your child with their homework and learning you might find these documents useful. Please click on the link above.


 Click on one of the areas of maths to see photographs of activities which we have been doing in school. 

Numbers                    Shape, Space & Measures

Mathematics Y1-6

Number Ratio & Proportion Algebra Measurement Geometry Statistics
Number & Place Value       Properties of Shapes  
Addition & Subtraction       Position & Direction  
Multiplication & division          

Throughout the year, we carry out Guided Reasoning sessions in class.

Click on the link to see some photographs of our learning.


Maths of the Day - resources for parents and carers to help their child at home.