Contact with School

Good communication between home and school are important for a good education.


“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, through many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."  

Romans 12: 3-5

Initial Class Teacher Contact

In the first few days of each new term, your child’s class teacher will send you a newsletter that will inform you of the main areas of learning that are planned for the term and will also explain the routines for homework, library, reading and P.E.


During the autumn term, we hold a 'Getting to know your class' evening for parents. The purpose of this evening is for you to find out about the upcoming year, the class routines, key events and expectations.  This is a good opportunity for you to meet the teacher and you can see how well your child has settled into their new class.


School Office

The school secretary (Mrs Andrew) and school bursar (Mrs Seville), who are usually in the office from 8.10am until 3.30pm, can answer many enquiries.


The office deals with all dinner money, missing letters, holiday forms, school letters etc. The school diary is also kept in the office so that the secretary can arrange appointments and check the details of planned events.


Calls outside the school office hours are answered by anyone who happens to hear the telephone and they will do their best to help you. We can also be contacted through our school e-mail address (


Headteacher Contact

If you wish to contact the Headteacher personally on any matter you are most welcome to do so. Please contact school office to make a mutually convenient appointment.


General Teacher Contact

You are encouraged to contact the class teacher in the first instance to discuss any pastoral or other problems involving your child, which may occur from time to time.


Written communications are usually given to the class teachers by the children at registration time and receive attention the same day. However, it is not unknown for letters to lie at the bottom of school bags! So, if your letter needs a reply and one has not been received, please ring the school secretary and ask her to check up on it.


Telephone contact is more difficult for the class teachers as they have a full time teaching commitment, but if you leave a number with a brief indication of the purpose of the call, it will normally be returned within twenty-four hours.


At 8.45am the teachers’ priorities are their classes. As you will appreciate, anything other than a brief message at this time is disruptive to the children. Individual meetings after school can usually be arranged quite quickly if you approach the teacher or telephone for an appointment.


If, on any occasion, your child forgets equipment needed in school, e.g. PE kit, reading book, dinner money, you may leave them in the school office and the school secretary will pass them on to your child at an appropriate time. Similarly, any verbal message will be passed on in this way. This ensures that valuable teaching time is neither lost nor interrupted.


Contact Between Home and School Throughout the Year

We use a variety of occasions over the year to meet with parents. These may include some of the following:

Individual appointments

Class meetings

Workshop sessions

Curriculum information meetings


School sports

School performances

Parents’ Staff Association functions

All parents are invited to talk to their child’s class teacher in the Autumn Term, the Spring Term and at the end of the Summer Term.


School Written Communication with Parents

Each week the school produces the ‘Friday Note’ for parents. This contains lots of information about upcoming events and chance to enter the weekly Family Quiz. Each class teacher sends written communication to parents about the topic and key learning objectives for the term in their class newsletter.


Just in case you have missed one, the Friday Note is published in the Virtual Office of the website every week (in colour!). 


Our Twitter feed (on the home page of the website) is a good source of information about the range of activities happening across school @StJCEPrimary.


You will also receive a half termly Record Card to inform you about your child's attendance, behaviour, homework and effort. During the Spring Term you are invited to come and meet your child’s class teacher. In the Summer Term you will be given the results of any statutory assessment tasks and tests along with an end of year reflection on progress and achievement. 


Contact with School Governing Body

The full School Governing Body meets every half term. In addition to these six meetings per year, sub-Committees of the Governors meet to discuss matters of finance, premises, staffing and the curriculum. Information on the meetings, together with published copies of any minutes, is available in school (in accordance with the school Governing Body Regulations 1981). Approved minutes for the full governing body are published on the school website.


Elections for parent Governors are held every four years.


Emergency Contact with Parents

Please ensure that the School Office always has your up to date telephone contact number. It is essential that we can contact you if your child is unwell or has had an accident at school.


Parent helpers

St. James’ School enjoys the benefit of voluntary help from parents in school. All parents are welcome to work alongside the children within the classroom or to help the teachers with the preparation and display of work. Some parents choose to support the school for specific tasks such as accompanying children on trips, helping make costumes and working alongside during a specific class project. If you would like to support the children and staff in this way, please talk your child’s class teacher or to the Headteacher.  Regular helpers are required to have a current DBS.