‘A high-quality history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world’


National Curriculum, DfE 2014


This page has been created for parents, carers and pupils to celebrate learning within school, and to inform you of upcoming history topics.

We hope you enjoy it!


'A Journey Through the Stone Age' 

As part of our history learning, children are taken on various educational trips. These pupils are enjoying a Stone Age workshop at Touchstones Museum, Rochdale.


Year 6 learn about archaeology by digging up (and cleaning) old coins that have mysteriously appeared in the school garden!


(Summer 1) Year 3 learn about the Romans through cross-curricular activities. Take a look at some Roman based learning. 

The Great Fire of London (1666)

(Autumn 2) Class 1 learn lots of interesting facts about this historical event. They work extremely hard and produce some beautiful 3-D homes. These homes are then  used as part of an exciting reenactment. 

 (Autumn 2) Year 2 learn about the Victorians. They really work hard to write letters using chalk and a blackboard. 


The Stone Age 

(Autumn 2) Children learn all about life in the Stone Age. They produce cave drawings of animals and humans using pastels. 


Awesome Egyptians  (Autumn 2)

 Children in Class 4 find out:

'What did the Egyptians believe would happen to them when they died?' 

As a result, they make some beautiful canopic jars to replicate the ones that would have been used to store internal organs in Egyptian times.