FSU Staff 

Mrs Thomas - Reception Teacher

Mrs Thomas joined the school in January 2015 after working as an early years teacher for many years. 

Mrs Harper - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Harper joined the team in January 2015 and has worked within early years settings for over 20 years. 

Mrs Roberts - Reception TA

Mrs Roberts has a TA Level 3 qualification and has worked at St. James' for many years and prior to that worked at Whiteacre Nursery School on the same site as the FSU unit.  

Mrs Sykes - Nursery TA

Mrs Sykes' children also came to St. James' and she joined the team in 2005. Mrs Sykes has a TA Level 3 qualification.

Miss Begum - FSU TA

Miss Begum joined the team in 2018. Miss Begum supports children in both reception and nursery classes during the morning and helps them at dinner time too.

Mrs Stephenson - FSU TA

Mrs Stephenson joined the team in 2018. Mrs Stephenson supports children with additional needs on a 1:1 basis.